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and the stories they told you were true babe

your mom really went crazy. but that doesn't have to be you.

she had bubblegum

she was a mum

chewed it too long until it was old

she spit it out into the cold

in the shape of a heart chewed up and pink

it stuck to the roller disco rink

right in time

for St. Valentine

and Cupid

to go out for drinks.

Forgetting completely about her

instead they fell in love with each other

And she made her own cake

she made her own pie

she bought herself flowers

looked her SELF in the eye

she told her "I love you"

she put her to bed

she made her own breakfast

and held her own head

she walked to the church

she prayed all alone

she found spit out bubblegum on the walk home

it stuck to her shoe

but she laughed and remembered

that one time when she liked the flavor

that she was still a disco skater

rollin' with the punch it gave her

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