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leading lady; the pied piper

"submit your every wonder...

what more have you to offer me

I cannot grant an endless summer

without a shameless reverie

"I cannot go without you,

into this open land.

did you lead me here to leave me here

and drop my trembling hand?"

"I led you here to leave you here.

you cannot dance less you're alone

and dancing you must do my dear

to make this your new home.

"I cannot dance when I'm so sad

I'm sad when you're not here

I cannot dance when you're watching me

but will you at least be near?"

"I cannot tell you where I'll be;

but listen for my tune

you don't know what you don't know

on quiet nights in june

but listen to the crickets,

and they will listen back

between you and the june bugs,

you'll never wonder what you lack"

"okay, thank you, clover Jack"

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