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June Moon


Hey June, June.

What happened to you?

For the last time, I'm missing you

And that feeling we get when there's no more school

When nothing else matters it's just me and you

When green is at it's finest hour

When I wake up to the wildflowers

Now your moon is behind the clouds

and the wind that hisses and howls so loud

makes me forget what it was like

to walk those tree lined streets at night

To hold your hand

To have no plans

To gaze at the sky

and wonder when

and wonder why

again and again

and never know

the tired blows

that came on with July

I miss the wonder

from last summer

I wish we could go back

The moon last year

was such a stunner

this year, the sky above me black

undercover. undercover.

In quiet places, I know you're there

in the untrimmed unruly grass out back

and in my little boys' untamed hair

under my fingernails

and the lingering air

from the last time I set sail.

I'll look for you

please wait for me

meet me by the strawberries

the kind you pick on your own, for free

by the river bed

and my pillow head

my bedroom window cast wide open

extracted from my restless dreams

you're coming...

just like you always said


I remember you, June.

This isn't the first time

I have walked your tree lined streets.

Now below the Supermoon

Remind me, I'm a Superstar

Pull me away from the dark.

Will you remember me this way?

What I didn't do on the longest day

after the strawberries were ripe

but before I took a bite.

What I forgot on the shortest night.

Before you wane and leave again

Before midnight.

Before July.

Before I declare my independence

and raise my flag

Into the sky

Tell me, June.

This afternoon.

Hey, Superstar

Hey, Supermoon

I remember who you are.

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